Animal Crossing is coming to smartphones with camping theme, paid “tickets”

به گزارش روشن تاب

Enlarge / Let’s go camping in Animal Crossing! (credit: Nintendo)

Over a year after its official teasing, Nintendo finally took the wraps off the first Animal Crossing game for smartphones on Tuesday. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will launch for iOS and Android devices “in late November” for free.

Much like other Animal Crossing games, Pocket Camp will invite players to customize their own home, do simple chores for in-game cash (known as Bells), collect little critters like bugs and fish, and get into a strange “borrow money to expand my home” loan situation. It looks almost exactly like other Animal Crossing games, complete with its top-down perspective and simple-and-expressive characters, and you move around and interact with objects simply by tapping the screen. This time, however, Nintendo opts for an outdoor theme, meaning your job is to maintain a campsite and an RV, not a house. (And the aforementioned loan arrangement is not with the home-expanding Tom Nook, but rather with a trio of incredibly cute RV-repair penguins.)

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